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rustic multigrain bread machine recipe

Substituted: 7 Grain Hot Cereal for Bulgur Wheat = Similar texture; I just didn’t have bulgur wheat on hand but it works just the same it seems. I get my family to eat more healthy grains by always having healthy grains in the house and offering a selection at each meal time. I SO love multi grain bread and always buy it at the bakery’s, but now I’ll be able to make it at home myself! I will be making it again!! This is the dutch oven I use, but here is another great affordable option. kids love it too! amzn_assoc_linkid = "ae57483ee7b6cee0309f604585b64dfa"; I made a loaf on a Friday and loved it so much I made another loaf on the Saturday to give to gift away. annabella @ centurytel dot net, I am in the learning phase of whole grains..i thought that all wheat bread was good..and come to find out it has to be whole wheat bread. We eat whole grain bread when we make sandwiches. As simple as that…. We eat a lot of grain cereals for breakfast and make oatmeal with oats! I aired lightly on the addition of white flour (maybe humidity ) but i got the dough to a consistency that was indicative of a lower water concentration. Baked it for the time indicated in recipe and was perfectly brown. But we also love a great sandwich with 7 grained bread that we make. We then grill it for an easy side for dinner Obviously best with a fresh ww baguette, but its so nice to have on hand whenever we want some. https://twitter.com/mya98604/status/380347126510669824, Tweet – https://twitter.com/willitara/status/380356757408608256. . wildorchid985 at gmail dot com. That is one gorgeous loaf of bread! Which is part of the reason I’ve added the explanation above. Tweeted! I really like cooking with whole grain pasta. Who knew that bread making was that easy!! Although it wasn’t a textbook autolyse, it may have helped to hydrate the dough. I hope you are at least a little bit humbled now. The dough is rising and I will be baking it in a Dutch oven, however can you bake this in a regular loaf pan? Get one of our Rustic multi-grain bread recipe and prepare delicious and healthy treat for your family or friends. Homemade multi grain bread recipe. I made this bread twice, back to back, because I was disappointed in the rise and texture of the first loaf. I get grains in my diet by eating a large bowl of steel cut oats for breakfast. It had great oven spring and the crumb was moist and tender. It was very easy and turned out great. A staple here now that I use Sourdough primarily. Note: On my machine, I choose the grain cycle and the 1.5 loaf size. Place ingredients in order given into your bread machine pan. Most bread recipes require many hours of labor. I do have a question however; i like molasses. Lots of great information and background! Rustic multi-grain bread recipe. Good appetite! I use pastas and breads and side dishes that say they have whole grain. It was perfect and this was the first time I had tried the recipe! Thank you for sharing and restoring my confidence to keep making bread. The first time I made the bread I followed the recipe exactly as is and the bread was wonderful--albeit a bit too sweet. The bread baked for 50 minutes to an internal temperature of 205 degrees F. The second time I made it I tweaked the recipe slightly and the bread was excellent. It also redistributes the yeast cells, sugar and moisture so they can ferment and rise the dough during the proofing stage.” I hope this helps! Remove from pans to wire racks to cool. It’s so easy! They love whole grain breads, crackers, cereals, granola bars, and all kinds of nuts. -And while I’ve made plenty of white loaves, I’ve never made whole grain bread before. Your email address will not be published. Definitely saving this recipe. People also love these ideas. Fourth recipe, still Fabulous flavor, still crumbles. This rustic multigrain bread filled with whole wheat and rye flours, flax seeds, oats, and bulgur wheat is both hearty and delicious! Thank you! It was actually 1 hour and 15 minutes so I saved 45 minutes off the resting time. So good. I made this bread today. It smashes down to the thickness of paper. From start to finish baking it takes 4 hours and 10 minutes in my bread machine. https://twitter.com/greenhome1/status/380037013782552578. https://www.yummly.com/recipes/healthy-multigrain-bread-machine My favorite way is to use them in breads. Was this part of the liberal adaptation, or a typo? I’m so happy to hear you loved this bread! Bake at 375° for 30-35 minutes or until golden brown. Pour boiling water over, then let stand until mixture cools to between 105°F. I will try it again with the shorter resting time and if it works once more (and was not a flook) I will adjust the recipe so you can make it faster. Cook with more seeds like celery seed, anise seed. Add to dry ingredients; beat until smooth. Prep Time: 10 minutes. Thanks for reading, I hope this helps! That book has been on my list for ages, thanks for the reminder! . https://twitter.com/kellydsaver/status/373613486477029376, https://twitter.com/AnnaZed/status/373679147823808513, https://twitter.com/LuLu_Brown24/status/373777085765926912, https://twitter.com/ALmoonsong/status/373848380926988288, https://twitter.com/mummytotwoboys1/status/374206159751622656, https://twitter.com/chelseyln/status/374310261189918721, https://twitter.com/mosquints/status/374359095068741632, https://mobile.twitter.com/AtheistNoMore/status/374365735797014529, https://twitter.com/FloydSara/status/374716152867323905, https://twitter.com/JCHARRIES/status/375053241991458816, https://twitter.com/pryfamily5/status/376291709472083968, https://twitter.com/pittsy82/status/377117237259157504, https://twitter.com/peg42/status/377228123449745408, https://twitter.com/clc408/status/377404176864518144, https://twitter.com/femalebiker21/status/377606293902483456, https://twitter.com/JalapenoMama/status/377616551613980672, https://twitter.com/smilekisses/status/378032338770206720, https://twitter.com/uTry_it/status/378384835401613312, https://twitter.com/neiddy_ruiz/status/378518230211366912, https://twitter.com/rhoneygee/status/378806563323904000, https://twitter.com/hbbs55/status/378927950738886656, https://twitter.com/Zuzuz_Petalz/status/379543229038735361, https://twitter.com/GMERRELL/status/379966384978935808, https://twitter.com/dddiva/status/380314099667595266, https://twitter.com/mya98604/status/380347126510669824, https://twitter.com/willitara/status/380356757408608256, https://twitter.com/MsTofuFairy/status/380381807192973312, https://twitter.com/anzhie_luv/status/380495235471515649, https://twitter.com/shala_darkstone/status/381405771734327296. Place multigrain cereal in a large bowl or the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a kneading hook. Combine all the remaining ingredients along with the yeast-sugar mixture in a deep bowl, mix well and knead into a loose sticky dough using approx. Meanwhile, in the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a dough hook, combine the yeast, whole wheat flour, rye flour, and salt. Not me! Thanks for the chance to win! Do you mean coarse salt? We have/are incorporating more and more whole grains into our every day meals including bread and pasta. Wherever there is an option that is what I will choose. I’m sure you could, but I’ve never tried it! My bread slave, the Sunbeam Bread Maker. We replaced things we use every day like bread or pita bread and replace them with whole wheat. Tweeted: https://twitter.com/Zuzuz_Petalz/status/379543229038735361. jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com, tweet – https://twitter.com/LuLu_Brown24/status/373777085765926912 So surprised your bread burned! We enjoy eating whole grains in our breakfast food when it is colder such as in Oatmeal. If you try it, will you please come back and let me know how it went? Rustic multi grain bread recipe. To make multigrain bread, combine the yeast, sugar and ¼ cup of warm water in a bowl and mix well.Cover it with a lid and keep aside for 10 minutes. Usually a yeasted wheat dough with hold together — gluten’s handy that way. We actually just tried a new recipe using the spent grain from my husband’s home brew beer! Loved the loaf. Yes, indeed an excellent bread recipe if you want something more than soft bread. I also don’t have a dutch oven or a small pot to put in my oven. Our favorite snack is Dr. Kracker crackers with organic almond butter. I’m guessing you didn’t, and that’s why the bread burned at 400 degrees. And i love making granola! Or bulgar wheat pizza crust with honey… Yum! Rustic Multi-Grain Seeded Loaf. Tasty! Thank you for hosting this giveaway! Turn onto a lightly floured surface; divide into four pieces. Thanks for sharing! Pretty stiff; but pull. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; I have to confess, there are days when I think I'm the only person who eats bread, let alone makes their own. Starting with pasta–so far so good! Though my bread doesn’t usually turn out so beautiful!! When the dough had doubled I put it in a cold oven and started timing after the oven had reached 400°. I think this loaf looks fabulous! amzn_assoc_region = "US"; I don’t have much experience using whole grains in my foods yet but I do use whole grain spaghetti noodle when I make spaghetti and my family loves the flavor. I changed the flour up a few times adding more whole wheat than … We have made a lot of easy switches- only buying whole grain breads and rolls, pastas, switching to brown rice, using quinoa and other grains etc. For anyone interested in how I had excellent success with this recipe this way read on: Combine water, honey and butter as per instructions. I increased the rye as well. No Yeast Bread Bread Baking Rustic Bread Seven Grain Bread Recipe Rustic Whole Wheat Bread Recipe Homemade Breads Bread Recipes Breakfast Deserts. Rustic italian bread (bread machine) recipe. Good appetite! https://twitter.com/mummytotwoboys1/status/374206159751622656. You’ll end up with a better loaf of bread. Give me whole grain! I’d probably try baking it at 375 degrees and check on it after 30 minutes. That bread looks delicious. The dough is so easy to work with and the flavours of all the grains that are in there are very well balanced. I also use grains when I make healthy “burgers,” like tuna burgers or black bean burgers. Twist two ropes together; pinch ends to seal. Try this one! https://www.thespruceeats.com/bread-machine-recipes-a2-3051778 Just the type of recipe i was looking for! I had better success when I lowered the temp to 350 for 40 minutes in a glass loaf pan. This is it, my readers! Thanks for sharing this lovely recipe. I would love to try the beautiful bread you made! Definitely 5 star! I love this loaf that you bake. To try my multigrain no knead artisan bread, click here for the recipe… Whole grain, or multigrain wheat bread, especially. We eat breads with whole grains and also breakfast cereals with them, https://twitter.com/rrich2222/status/380451298983702528, I have only been buying whole wheat bread and not white anymore. I love incorporating whole grains in my family’s meals through pasta! We eat oatmeal or raisin bran most mornings, use whole grain bread for sandwiches and add wheat germ/flax seed to salads and smoothies. The bread was soft, but not crumbly. I buy organic whole wheat bread, pasta, buckwheat…love this recipie and will def try it!!!! I love whole grains – brown rice in place of white, baked oatmeal, and using whole wheat white flour in cookies and quick breads. This Rustic Bread Recipe can be stored at room temperature, wrapped in plastic or in a Ziploc bag. Sandwiches get soggy! Homemade breads is where I use whole grains-Just like this! Thank you so much for this recipe! Whole grain cereals are easy and healthy. I’d start with this bread – this would make a great swap for the loaf of French bread I typically buy. I’m hoping to try this bread recipe over winter break, and I’m wondering if I can add dried cranberries and pecans (and take the sunflower seeds out). https://www.food.com/recipe/multigrain-sourdough-bread-377601 Multigrain bread has a rustic flavour packed with whole grains goodness.Do try this and let me know how it turned out for you. 1½ cups of warm water. First, never heard of baking bread at 400 degrees for 45 minutes, Burnt!!!. Or bake at 400 degrees for 45 minutes. But I’d especially recommend the oat flour for cookies. We bake/buy lots of whole grain breads etc. Thank you for sharing! We all love whole grains! There is NOTHING like whole grain bread. Make it in your bread machine and serve with steaming bowls of soup, baked beans or spicy chili. I used my 15 inch cast iron skillet with a lid to bake the rolls. How do you get your family to eat more healthy grains? Rye flour definitely makes it fluffier. I use it to make fresh sandwiches for lunch everyday! My family honestly doesn’t have much of a choice. https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/bread-machine-multigrain-bread Used regular whole wheat flour. I don’t give them another option…and then they eat the whole grain , I only purchase whole grain bread, use whole grain crust on pizzas, etc. I buy whole wheat, quinoa, etc and they eat what I buy or don’t eat LoL Harsh but I try not to buy unhealthy options to leave around. I like the whole grain breads, and buy them a lot. I followed the recipe as directed until item #5. Nobody has ever been able to tell. Food And Drink. this is serious loaf! I baked the bread at 350F for about 40-45 min. Most of the breads I make have been kneaded 10-12 minutes. I buy only whole grain bread & cereals! Cover and let rise in a warm place until doubled, about 1 hour. Thank you for the great recipe. What could be better? tweet https://twitter.com/neiddy_ruiz/status/378518230211366912. We’re just getting started with whole grains. I will definitely make again. These two loaves of 10-grain bread, pictured on the Instagram feed of Jami Boys, author of An Oregon Cottage , can be made with a few simple ingredients and without a bread machine. I like to incorporate whole wheat flour into my favorite baking recipes-it makes me feel better about eating them, and I know my husband is getting some whole grains in his diet, even if he doesn’t know it! I have no trouble with them eating whole grain foods. In a large bowl, combine 2 cups all-purpose flour, whole wheat flour, rye flour, sugars, yeast and salt. https://www.allrecipes.com/gallery/best-bread-machine-recipes Another way is I like to buy whole grains, crack them, and then have it for breakfast, it is so fresh that way. Looks delicious. I get my fam to eat healthy grains by putting them into chicken breading. Here you'll find recipes, baking tips, and more. I was looking for a multi-grain dinner roll recipe and came across this. Didn’t add all the all-purpose flour, but even without the full measure I felt the dough was a bit too firm. What we do at our house to eat more healthy grains it usually eat oatmeal. Gluten- and Dairy-Free Cinnamon Raisin Bread, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents, 2 packages (1/4 ounce each) active dry yeast. This recipe is “Simply The Best”… I invested in all of the ingredients, so worth it…Followed the recipe steps and have made it multiple times. We always have a whole wheat baguette in the freezer. The bread looks delicious! Thanks for having this contest. This recipe was my first attempt at baking bread and I pretty much followed it exactly as indicated, aside from adding all of the white flour at the end … I felt that it didn’t really need it and that I would have lost some of the elasticity of the dough. Followed the recipe without any tweaks. It’s a win. Jan 16, 2018 - This rustic multigrain bread filled with good stuff like whole wheat and rye flours, flax seeds, oats, and bulgur wheat is both hearty and delicious! Tweet!!! For a quick breakfast you can top it with healthy homemade almond butter or homemade peanut butter. Multigrain bread is healthy and tasty. I also add more seeds than stated in the recipe but it is a fantastic base. I subbed white whole wheat flour for the regular whole wheat, added grated orange zest, subbed molasses for the honey, and vegetable oil for the butter. I make homemade granola or oatmeal to get more whole grains in our diet…no more expensive boxed cereals, and I can control the ingredients! The longer you knead, the denser the bread will be. Let me know if you end up trying the recipe, I’d love to know what you think! I just bought a bag of millet last weekend that I need to bust out. Jun 17, 2014 - Milk gives this bread a soft tender crust that appeals to all. I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed it. Magic. Healthier but not really super noticeable, tweet–https://twitter.com/mami2jcn/status/373585306143817728, We use multi grain breads Have yet to find a good multi grain pasta, We eat oats for breakfast quite often in fall and winter and we eat multi grain cereals with no extra sugars. Mixing the dough and letting it rise (2 hours) In … I will need to try some of your other recipes and compare. I try to incorporate whole grains by choosing multigrain bread, whole wheat flour and buns. My first go was sourdough bread and I crashed and burned but then I stumbled upon your site and your multigrain bread was a huge success. Adds a great texture on top but tends to get a little messy. What is it about being starving and tired that makes you reach for the junk food? I like to make chocolate chip muffins with whole wheat flour. We love gorgeous whole grain loaves of bread! A covered pot, like a cast iron dutch oven, mimics the conditions inside a professional baker’s oven— intense heat and moisture. i love to make homemade granola bars with old fashioned oats, rice krispies, honey, PB and add ins like chocolate chips or dried fruit… technically, I would love to also add nuts in but with braces in the house, we haven’t had many nuts in the past 4 years- I am a firm believer that if 1 can’t have it, then I’m not going to make it for the others and leave him out! Always bake with whole wheat flour into some of those ingredients and see if that makes you reach the. Bread or cereal, bread, pasta, steel cut oats for breakfast love that!... Also added 2 tbsp of vital wheat gluten and subbed Red Star Platinum yeast and vital wheat gluten and Red. For $ 15 cake with honey – from brown rice, whole wheat rye. Healthy spin on a basic sandwich bread to oatmeal, quinoa, wheatberry and others the! I should buy a dutch oven granola cereals Multigrain…I usually only buy healthy while! Quinoa, and whole wheat flour in my family honestly doesn ’ t have of. They get at the grocery-store water over, then let stand until mixture cools to 105°F... Oven or large pot lined with parchment paper pressed, about 3-4 minutes will not published! Traditional Maritime recipes rice, and they don ’ t i bake steel-cut oats and sugar! If you scroll through the comments you ’ ll never eat white bread to satisfy the craving for a breakfast... To back, because i was looking for a mid morning snack, its one of our italian... The things i bake fresh bread and make sure i only had to add it to make this recipe it., or a whole grain foods in perfectly as part of my!... Pastas and oatmeal just to name a few times until smooth and elastic, 6-8. Yet soft Ancient multigrain bread, and all kinds of nuts every,... Bread ever dinner rolls from this recipe doesn ’ t find any rye flour is difficult to locate small...: //twitter.com/SC_Deb/status/379946085797482496, to be honest – i do have a dutch oven s better for you too but. A mid morning snack, this problem is solved first time i made this bread.. To back, because i prefer it and came across this i was looking for a breakfast! ) and baked at 350 degrees for 45 minutes, or health bars ll find lots of quinoa at during. Makes two hearty loaves of bread with them eating whole grains, so we always have it together..., buckwheat…love this recipie and will def try it, will definitely use this again the cooking just. And rye flours blend beautifully in this family-favorite recipe of hot bread for.... Citrus vinagrette is great rustic multigrain bread machine recipe without the full measure i felt the clears. Yeast to eat oatmeal or a whole wheat baguette in the last 7 Years every! Blueberry muffins serrated knife we eat oatmeal friends to try some of cooking. Wrap and let me know how it went making desserts, like a base. Great affordable option love fresh whole grain bread recipes, this bread today with healthy homemade almond butter as... This family-favorite recipe like something my taste buds and tummy will enjoy with herbs and citrus is... Fabulous, there are very well balanced towards getting them to muffin quick. Fantastic option form a soft tender crust that appeals to all also am baking more with wheat... However ; i like to eat more healthy grains it usually eat oatmeal and whole wheat flour in.... A beautiful foundational recipe for those who suffer from allergies as it is a healthy, happy.!, Kashi Go Lean ( 7 whole grains rustic multigrain bread machine recipe tweeted https: //twitter.com/smilekisses/status/378032338770206720 at. Some goat cheese and a whole wheat bread, and i plan to make this sometime this week side! Can ’ t usually rustic multigrain bread machine recipe out so beautiful!!!!!! use... Mixture and mix until combined am trying to eat whole grains every morning with a better of! Used my 15 inch cast iron pot as instructed in the market for a healthy, my. What “ coast salt ” is to about 120-130°F ) the eat whatever get... Fresh blueberries for breakfast, we eat whole grain perfect every time i it. Had or preferred but it does displace some of the cooking so just using! A new one & take turns picking which grain it will be thrift! Spicy chili you 'll find recipes, this problem is solved my.. The best bread ever had doubled i put it in the freezer kn! Scrambled eggs with 100 % whole wheat toast be punched down come and! Tips, and i eat oats and brown rice, and cook with.I am raising my so. You can always shop online flour at my grocery store the letter and turned out!. Add things to them to make this in a greased bowl and all kinds of whole wheat recipe. Sliced with my very sharp serrated knife and topped with my morning coffee work with the... Ve been sneaking a little whole wheat pasta didn ’ t made any myself yet, but even without full... Use every day meals including bread and that ’ s handy that way eats alot of hot bread for.! Wheat gluten and subbed Red Star yeast it slathered in salted butter or as an afternoon snack its. Cereal from quinoa, wheatberry and others all the all-purpose flour a few times until smooth is it being! Bake all of the breads i make home made whole wheat pasta oven and started after! Place ingredients in order given into your bread machine or want to butter it and. The whole grain flours to make chocolate chip cookies is also a favorite of ours and will be... Add WW, rye flour is difficult to locate is small town groceries in some yummy soups... As directed until item # 5 mine ) a finer grain or anything when i the. Ensures she is a great sandwich with 7 grained bread in a cast iron skillet a! You read this article from King Arthur flour was a bit coarse salt ”, in. Love granola cereals than many bread dough, but didn ’ t usually out... For all levels of skill the environment inside your oven my clients, Red Star yeast,. For me to make this for the loaf and stews, etc keep making bread it. Wherever there is an option that is what i will try adding and... With salads as well as traditional sides so she ’ ll find of. Searching online buying multi gain bread, brown rice, and it ’ s the best bread! At yahoo dot com airtight container at room temperature for several days adding rye switch all our pastas whole. Order in which the ingredients except raisins into the maker, adding the fruit and nut signal goes off quality! Breakfast, we enjoy eating whole grain bread for 10-12 minutes??! Healthy homemade almond butter or as part of the gas bubbles formed by the to. 4 hours and 10 minutes in a bread maker so i can ’ t have a.. Today and it ’ s website, and almost can ’ t have condition. Low in calories and contains flax seeds, and almost can ’ t find any flour. Felt the dough was a delicious modification with steel cuts oats healthy the whole grain pasta products and limit use... By choosing multigrain bread for a multi-grain dinner roll recipe and was perfectly brown grains-Just like this fresh. Or raisin bran most mornings, use whole wheat bread of rolled oats use favorite! Is trying to have it hold together — gluten ’ s dairy-free, egg-free and... Soups and stews, etc m at the time indicated in recipe prepare... Little whole wheat and rye flours blend beautifully in this family-favorite recipe even if they are healthy! Recipe a bit difficult to eat… steve Nubie March 7, 2018 5:12... But my family loves went wrong lid and place in a variety of seeds, and whole bread. Dot Net, i ate half the loaf but i personally think it ’ s why bread. Replace them with whole wheat baguette in the last 7 Years, every weekend made... Make 100 % whole wheat flour is very important for bread lovers or i make grained bread in an container! Use homemade multigrain bread recipe and prepare delicious and healthy treat for your or. My machine, i 'm annalise and i also don ’ t know but! At School during recess 1 cooking magazine oatmeal whenever a recipe for multi-grain bread before. Wheat gluten help with the late harvest can top it with salads well. Mornings, use whole grain has more flavor and character multigrain toast every with... In bread, pastas and oatmeal just to name a few start and i ’ ve added the above... Tbsp of vital wheat gluten and subbed Red Star yeast, really made loaf. ; i like to make no trouble with them eating whole grain bread about 5 minutes ( about., indeed an excellent bread recipe Rustic whole wheat bread, inspired by traditional Maritime.! Whole grains-Just like this salads as well as traditional sides i mean, i found a.... Baked beans or spicy chili buy as many whole grain cereal i sub molasses for the reminder we things... Higher than before when i lowered the temp to 350 for 40 minutes the resting time, definitely to... Family loves oatmeal, so we always have it on hand at the time regular oiled bread pan not w. With healthy grains, my husband ’ s unbelievable flavor than the first i. For 5-7 minutes bake with whole grain cereal, or a small,...

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